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PRE-ORDER Baby Blue Tape echo emulator

eTap2HW Echo

eTap2HW Tape Echo Emulator played by Jukka.

eTap2HW Tape Echo Emulator played by Robin Burrows.

eTap2HW and Goldmine Effect demo by Adam Ironside.


BabyBlue Tape Echo Emulator

The Baby Blue tape echo emulator is an echo pedal that simulates accurately the echo's achieved from the 60's tape echo machines like the Meazzi's used by the Shadows and other artists. The audio signal is treated with a 4 FET valve emulation stage to add the warmth and harmonic content that was a big part of the old Meazzi Valve tape echo units.

The echo definitions are provided by the DSP part of the pedal and include the head leakage (Halo) of the old tape machines.

The Baby Blue replaces the popular eTap2hw floor pedal. Primarily designed to recaputre the settings of The Shadows music in a small pedal format the 'Baby Blue' is able to be used to create echo's from other artists.

Price £139.99 --NOTE--Pre-Order appx five days from order to shipping

BabyBlue echoBaby Blue Echo