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Abbey Reverb

The Abbey Reverb has been taken directly from the Blue Nebula Abbey emulation and developed as a stand alone reverb pedal in the small footprint mini pedal size. Reverb ranging from 50's-style studio plate reverb to concert halls sized reflections.

Three simple controls - 'Reverb Level' to adjust the level of the reverb mixed in with the dry guitar signal, 'Decay' adjusts the size of the reverb from very short early reflections to large chamber sized reverb, the 'Damp' control can remove high frequency refections from the reverb signals to tame the tone. "industry standard" 9VDC power add to the ease of use and pedal board compatibility.

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Controls: Decay, Reverb Level, Damp

Power: 9 Volt regulated DC adapter(Centre Negative)

Size: 43(W)x95(D)x50(H)mm

Weight: 135g

Current Draw: 100mA