All Stanley-FX pedals are hand built to order. Due to the Worldwide semiconductor shortages there may be delays in production of certain models of Stanley-FX effects pedals. At present there is an approximate 10 working day time frame from ordering an effect pedal to final building and testing before the shipping date. When all components are in stock to build a particular effect pedal type the Website will allow a purchase to be made, if I am unable to complete a pedal build in the usual time frame then the site will not allow a purchase to go ahead and no payment will be taken. The stock situation may change on a daily basis as and when I am able to source some of the rare components from my suppliers so it is always worth checking back the next day if a pedal is not available when you first try.


The United Kingdom is no longer a part of the European Union. You may have to pay Customs charges and VAT when you receive a parcel because the UK has now left the EU customs union. These charges will be made by the postal carrier or courier:

Duty will be Typically 0-3% of the total. VAT will be Charged at the local rate of the destination Country. Clearance Costs are set by the postal carrier or courier, which is the fee they charge for collecting Duty and VAT for your government. This change does not affect customers in Great Britain or any other country outside the European Union.

All Prices are shown in British Pounds. For more information about each pedal click on the picture of the pedal to view the page.