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Spring Reverb 

The Stanley-FX spring reverb pedal has been designed to caputre the classic tube driven spring reverb sound that is so special of the Spring Reverbs of the 60's such as the 6G15. This is a reverb dripping with pure springy 'Boingyness'. I doubt that's a real word, but it should be.

The Dinky sized Spring Reverb pedal is a simple but very powerful effect. With three very useful cotrols, this is a really easy reverb to dial in to those fantastic spring reverb sounds, Dwell will determine how long much of the spring lasts after playing a note and the Tone will take it from dark sounding to a bright twangy sounding reverb. And finally, you've got the Mix to control the overall volume of Reverb added to dry guitar signal.

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Controls: Dwell, Tone, Reverb Mix Level

Power: 9 Volt regulated DC adapterCentre Negative (NOT Incuded).

Size: 43(W)x95(D)x50(H)mm

Weight: 135g

Current Draw: 100mA