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Surf's Up 

A spring reverb emulation and vintage tremolo combination (emulation of the BlackFace Trem-n-Verb), which delivers a deep, throbbing tremolo and Spring reverb that is dripping with pure springy 'Boingyness'. I doubt that's a real word, but it should be.

The 'Surf's Up' recreates the classic tremolo-and-spring reverb combination offered from those magical 1960's amps. The tremolo section has Depth and Rate controls to adjust the tremolo character. With the Depth control turned down the pedal serves as the spring reverb only. The reverb section replicates the classic built-in tube-driven spring reverb with the classic drip associated with the vintage spring reverb.

The tremolo and spring reverb can be used independantly of each other by simply changing the depth of the tremolo or the level of the spring reverb.

Surf's Up Spring Reverb / Tremolo £109


Controls: Depth, Rate, Spring Reverb Level

Power: 9 Volt regulated DC adapter(Centre Negative)

Size: 43(W)x95(D)x50(H)mm

Weight: 135g

Current Draw: 100mA