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10/1/2017 Back to work

Hi everyone, i trust you all had a nice Christmas and New Year break.

I am now back to soldering and building effects as of this week.

First batch of pedals to be built is the Baby Blue Echo pedal, these are now back in stock and ready to ship.

This week will also see a new batch of the Blue Nebula pedals being started, news on these will go out via the 'Newsletter' which should be sent out to all registered users at the end of this week.

As always updates on info will be posted on the Facebook page as well.


16/12/2016 Christmas Holiday Break

I wish to thank everyone for the continued support through out the year, all pedals have now shipped apart from a couple of last minute orders that have came in which will be posted out in the next two days. The shelves are now bare and no more building will be taking place until after the Christmas Holidays. I will still be checking in to answer any emails and Facebook posts but not 24/7. I wish everyone a happy Holiday.


16/12/2016 The Links page udated

Two new links have been added to the page, these are to Philip Hawthorne's Blog page and to Piet Verbuggen's Facebook page, both are a source of great information and areas to swap ideas and talk about music and echo's.

16/12/2016 Blue Nebula downloads and Manuals page updated

A new Video tutorial for 'User patch Edititng and saving' made by Philip has now been added to the downloads and manuals page of the Blue Nebula.

The orignal effects sets have been placed in the Blue Nebula download section which can be sent to the pedal via the 'libary' software. This is so that anyone wishing to develop their own effects sets can do so without permamently losing access to the original effects.

Thank you for your patience. Stanley -FX will be back soon.

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