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The website is now back online and I will be starting builds of all pedals and trying to add some new gear soon. All pre orders that have been taken during the website downtime are all ready to ship and all who have purchased pedals in this time will be receiving shipment tracking numbers in the next few days.



The next batch of 2017 Blue Nebula builds is underway now and an email will be sent out to registered 'Newsletter' members regarding availability.


The first of 2017 Blue Nebula pedal is now available and the 'Newsletter' has already been sent to all registered users, so if you are on that list you will already know about the next release, if your not on the list this batch will be added to the main website on Monday 30th January.

The BLUESMAN pedal page has a new audio demo added which gives a full range of the pedals capabilities.

The Classic overdrive will be having a new batch built in the first week of February.

10/1/2017 Back to work

Hi everyone, i trust you all had a nice Christmas and New Year break.

I am now back to soldering and building effects as of this week.

First batch of pedals to be built is the Baby Blue Echo pedal, these are now back in stock and ready to ship.

This week will also see a new batch of the Blue Nebula pedals being started, news on these will go out via the 'Newsletter' which should be sent out to all registered users at the end of this week.

As always updates on info will be posted on the Facebook page as well.






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